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Erik Strazzinski

Associate Guide/Kennel Manager

A 25 year grouse veteran of the UP, Erik Strazzinski grew up exploring, learning and navigating the grouse woods of the Upper Peninsula.

He got his first dog, a Brittany named Dozer at 23. Together with his better half he now has 4 bird dogs (Aspen - Brittany, Chip - English Setter, Clover - English Setter, and Toivo - Brittanty) that spend every day in the fall chasing grouse and woodcock.

Erik is an experienced guide with a great reputation who has taken hunters of all ages and skill levels. His deep rooted knowledge of grouse and woodcock combined with his keen sense of the terrain and habitat in the UP helps him to be highly successful in his upland pursuits. He has pursued numerous species of game birds in surrounding States, but Michigan grouse will always be his favorite quarry.

Erik Strazzinski
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