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Puppies and Promises

Back on August 15th, Ms. Gypsy became the momma of 10 very healthy pups. Scout was the sire and you can definitely make an argument in support of his prepotency when looking at these little bundles of promise.

20 plus years of breeding dogs to get to this point.

Along with puppies comes great responsibility and the premise of promise.

As a breeder, we are responsible for these puppies from cradle to grave. Akin to the vows of marriage, in sickness and in health, we stand by them and cherish the long-term relationships we make with the owners.

The premise of promise is two-fold. The first being that these pups are genetically full of promise for their God-given reason to be on this earth. In turn, the owner has to make the promise to follow the process of Genetics, Exposure, and Patience to see the puppy's promise reveal itself. As well, we promise to be there for guidance along the way.

What an exciting time for us and the new owners...


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