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Dennis Stachewicz, Jr.

Owner/Head Guide/Dog Trainer

"Uncle Grouse" started tagging along on grouse hunts with his parents when he was 5 years old with his trusty Daisy BB Gun.

48 years later and Dennis has established himself as one of the most knowledgable people in North America for all things related to the pursuit of the Ruffed Grouse.

Dennis has lived in the Gwinn area for nearly a quarter of a Century and has come to know the various, and different grouse habitats like the back of his hand. He knows where to hunt them based upon the time of the season, local climate influences, and hunting pressure.

Dennis currently is the owner of Aspen Thicket Grouse Dogs Kennel and maintains a string of eight German Shorthaired Pointers: Panzer (14), Georgia (11), Gabby (8), Scout (6), Gypsy (4), Gidget (2), Dakota (2), and Trooper (puppy). While Panzer is retired, all other adult dogs are part of the guide string and also recognized at a professional level by serving as woodcock banding dogs under permit by the USFWS.

With regards to dog training, Dennis is known as one of the best trainers when it comes to working puppies as they start their journey to become grouse dogs through his program that recognizes important time periods of imprinting. While Dennis has trained over 100 dogs and fixed gunshyness and bird blinking, he also excels in transitioning dogs unto wild birds, where it matters for the grouse hunter. Dennis even dabbled in Grouse Trialing a bit, winning the MAFTC Hunting Dog Classic with his dog Gunner.

Dennis has guided many clients over the years, including national television celebrities and artists. Every client has been impressed with the knowledge of the grouse woods he shares with them during the hunt....and his hot lunches are fantastic.

Dennis Stachewicz, Jr.
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