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Joe Pruiett

Associate Guide

Joe is an experienced grouse hunter who has been relentlessly chasing the king of gamebirds for over 10 years. During that time he has guided many hunters, both individually and at RGS sanctioned events, to successful and enjoyable days in the woods.

Joe believes that the key to killing grouse is to understand why they do what they do, so a day in the woods with him will be filled with useful information as well as birds.

Joe spends countless hours, tanks of gas, and ounces of boot leather in the off-season driving roads and running dogs through cover searching for the next best spot. Wherever the hunt may occur, you can be sure that Joe will have plenty of spots with strong bird numbers to go explore.

Joe's string of championship bloodline English Setters consists of Asher (7), Ezra (3), and Miracle (2). These dogs see a multitude of wild birds year-round, so that when it is game time they are ready to perform to the best of their abilities.

Joe Pruiett
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