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Today after trout fishing, a friend and I were talking dogs and their conformation as it relates in the grouse woods, as well as a myriad of other topics.

Somehow the conversation shifted to competition and how some dogs have an innate ability to step it up a notch when braced with another dog.

My mind immediately drifted to my peanut Gretchen, who passed several years ago at 15 years and 10 months old.

She was at the bottom of the size standard for an American bred GSP, but brace her against a larger field-bred Setter or Pointer, and she would stay in front of the brace no matter what.

It was the intangible trait of competition.

Another dog simply wasn't going to work in front of her.

It wasn't a wild race and it wasn't sloppy...she would simply dig in and stay out front while sticking birds with authority because making the other dog honor was her way of winning what she saw as a challenge.

Up here in these parts, the Finlanders have a word named "SISU." I would encourage you to look it up...she was the living definition in dog form.

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